980nm Infrared Dot Laser Alignment
When users are trying to make highly clear dot measurement for all night version illumination fields, not the same as any visible laser devices, it always makes good job with a long wavelength made Berlinlasers 980nm infrared dot laser alignment. It emits high photoelectric ability infrared laser light emission from a 980nm infrared laser diode within 100mW to 500mW. Only if it is working with night version device and 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply, it keeps work with high intensity infrared laser light emission and highly clear infrared reference dot projection at various work distances.
On basis of the use of correct output power and quite easy adjustment of both laser beam focus and dot emitting direction, this infrared laser module gets concentrated IR laser light, increasing accuracy and brightness infrared dot projection in distance. User should only avoid eye exposure to laser beam aperture and take laser safety measure so as to achieve easy and secured IR dot alignment constantly.
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